About Danielle

Co-founder and CEO
My Experience:
  • 25 years of Business Development 
  • 10 years CEO & Marketing Director
  • 5 years CTO 
  • 3 years CIO
  • 8 years managing Director 

My ultimate goal as a business, mindset, marketing, and focused branding strategist, is to be your guide and give you all the critical skills you need to empower your business. 

I am direct, strategic and confident when I make decisions  I like to analyze and be sure of a new path before I head down it and make sure it is the best course of action for my clients needs and goals.   Planning and Research on the best course of action, are what make me a very strategic part of your journey to grow your business.  

Because of my need to strategize and create action plans,  Mindset is a huge part of everything I do for all my clients’.  Preparing a business plan with new habits and results is how you get your business goals reached and in a way that makes your life amazing.

Think Big! 

Let Us Find Your Hidden Profits. 

Gina Lambert

Co-Founder and COO
  • 5 years Project Management 
  • 5 years Business Management 
  • 5 years Process and Profit Improvement 
  • 2 years Business Development 

I am a reformer. I work to maintain a realistic view for everyone to get the job done. I work to create an Agile working environment so that the team feels heard and everyone is moving together as one to achieve a common goal. I take this very seriously when it comes to building your business and maintain a high level of excellence in all that I do.  I like to find the best and most efficient way possible to tackle a project and strive to maintain expectations that everyone is happy with.

I firmly believe that strategies are live, meaning they should always be evolving as you evolve. I keep a watchful eye on how the strategies are growing and improve where and as needed so that the team is always functioning at its best.

Staying flexible on the how but maintaining the integrity of the project and deadlines creates a performance-driven culture that will keep your business innovative and forward facing.